mardi 28 août 2012

6ix + 1 
Jacques Demierre (piano), Urs Leimburger (saxophones), Roger Turner (drums), Okkyung Less (cello), Thomas Lehn (sound synthesizer) and Dorothea Schürch (vocal and musical saw) Rudy Decelière & Thierry Simonot (sound projection)
Lodz Filharmonia, Poland 2012
Donaueschingen Musiktage, Germany 2009
Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon, Austria 2009

A project where Rudy and I played the sounds of six very much alive improvisers thru AMEG's loudspeaker orchestra, in various spaces such as a linen factory, a gymnasium, the foyer of a concert Hall...

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lundi 27 août 2012

Olbers Paradox
7 hours (11pm-6am) live electronics improvisation with a big loudspeaker orchestra
june 2011, GRU & AMEG, Geneva, Switzerland

Dimitri Coppe / Thierry Simonot / Rudy Decelière
Stage design : Vincent Deblue & Chiara Petrini 
Light: Luc Gendroz
Assitant: Hadrien Mayoraz

loudspeaker orchestra: AMEG

some words in french...

dimanche 26 août 2012

Chapelle des Brigittines
Brussels june 2006 Arsis-Thesis/Les Brigittines

Two concerts in Belgium with Dimitri Coppe, using his own loudspeaker orchestra
There we designed two different setups and listening areas, one for the live electronics improvisation (red pictures & coloured plan) 
light: Pierre Stoffyn

and another for the electroacoustic pieces (blue pictures and B&W plan). Dimitri played P. Henry "Fragments pour Artaud" and I played B. Parmegiani "De Natura Sonorum".

Have look at Dimitri's very nice website...
Salon d'écoute - Listening Lounge
Festival Archipel, Geneva in march from 2002 to 2007

AMEG loudspeaker orchestra

stage design: Yvonne Harder & Stephanie Guibentif
pictures: Marion Inocenzzi

The listening lounge was set up by AMEG in the Théâtre Pitoëff (on the first floor of the Maison Communale). It is a room where music is spatialized. It uses a system unique in Switzerland : a speaker orchestra called acousmonium, which comprises a 32-track mixing board and a group of around 40 loudspeakers. Conceived as an instrument in its own right, it is made up of rather conventional devices but also of customized parts. The system is adaptable and varies according to each room's architectural and acoustic specificities. The size of the instrument can vary. It can be used for mixed musical forms and for stereo and multi-track pieces. Because of its quality and versatility it can be applied both to interpretation and musical experimentation.
Make an attempt to inhabit space, forget the speakers and let sound take shape.
Every day, we give a close associate/relative or an Archipel figure carte blanche: the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (CIME), Cave 12 -a Geneva venue who has been putting on utterly challenging and fascinating experimental and improvised music acts for years-, Dimitri Coppe, a composer committed to the acousmatic music project and Thierry Simonot, the Lounge technical designer and coordinator. Each of them shall invite us to share pieces of their choice.
Part of the music played in the Salon d'Ecoute will echo one of the festival's main focuses, i.e. radio art (or Hörspiel). Jean Nicole from Espace 2, Laurent Sellier (La Muse en Circuit) and Andrea Liberovici (Teatro del Suono) were asked to select ten works within the Swiss, French and Italian radio art repertoires. Most of them shall be played during the festival. The listening lounge shall also be part of the system set up by Jacques Demierre for Heterotopia -a Hörspiel that shall be created on the last day of the festival.
Time slots will also be set aside for the public. Thierry Simonot will be at the disposal of anyone eager to discover electroacoustic spatialization or simply willing to share their favourite pieces with others. Registrations to be made on the blackboard at the reception.

vendredi 24 août 2012

La Chaux power plant

September 2006, CMC, ABC cultural center & AMEG, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Dimitri Coppe & Thierry Simonot spread AMEG loudspeaker orchestra  in a large and almost empty power plant for two concerts.
saturday: improvisation with live electronics, Dimitri and I sharing the orchestra in this very reveberant space.
sunday:  electroacoustic pieces from Bernard Fort "Fractal"  played by Dimitri.
Bernard Parmegiani "De Natura Sonorum" played by myself.